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Experience Canterbury Eye Specialists Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) is an exciting new procedure designed to treat farsightedness and presbyopia without using 
a laser.
We only do what we do well
"the highest quality of care and attention for one of your greatest assets - your vision"
Why choose us

“We only do what we do well”.
Our ophthalmologists specialize in surgery in their particular areas of expertise – Dr Spencer in cataract, lacrimal and oculo-plastic surgery and Dr Chan in corneal and cataract surgery.

We will provide you with the highest quality of personalized care and expertise in these areas.

However, we will not do what we do not do well and we will not act as a “jack of all trades”. If your problem is outside our area of expertise, or if we require opinions of specialists in other areas of eye disease, we will refer you to the appropriate subspecialist in that area to give their opinion.

Quality assurance:

As part of our quality assurance , Dr Collie surveys all cataract patients three months after surgery to find out what they felt about the entire experience, including the information we gave before surgery, the hospital, the anesthetist, the operation itself , the overall level of care and the final outcome.

“97% of our patients were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the outcome and their overall level of care”

What our patients think:
Our cataract patients are sent a questionnaire three months after their surgery so that we can ensure that we are meeting or exceeding their expectations.
  Rooms, reception staff and the punctuality of appointment   We asked for their opinion of our consulting suites, our staff and our punctuality. 99% of our patients think that our rooms and staff are either good or excellent.

Punctuality of our appointments
One of the most frequent complaints when patients visit a specialist is having to wait for hours.
We know your time is valuable and we believe it is our responsibility to run on time.
Occasionally, emergencies can cause unexpected delays but note that 98% of our patients responded that our punctuality was either excellent (70%) or very good (28%).
Information given about the surgery

Information about post-op care and costs of surgery
  We also believe it is versy important that you are given plenty of information about all aspects of your up-coming procedure, including information about what is involved in the operation itself, what will be the likely outcome in your particular case (eg making you aware of any possible limitations in your own case such as astigmatism, co-existing other eye problems), informing you of possible complications of the surgery, the post-operative care regime and of course, the costs of surgery.

In all these areas, over 95% of patients responded that the information given to them before their surgery was either excellent or good.
  Topical anesthesia - comfort level

Impression of hospital and anesthetist
  What about topical anesthesia - is it really possible to perform this type of surgery with just drops on the eye?

97% of our patients described the procedure as either painless or slightly uncomfortable

Our anesthetists were given a rating of good or excellent by 97% of patients, an amazing result.

Level of the service and outcome of the surgery

  What about the overall impression of the level of service and outcome of the surgery?

Overall, 97% of our cataract patients are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the level of service and outcome of the surgery.
Conductive Keratoplasty Surgery - A new and exciting procedure Canterbury Eye Specialists

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